The pipeline CultLab3D developed by Fraunhofer IGD is meant to revolutionize the digitization of three-dimensional objects.

CultLab3D aims at implementing an encompassing approach to 3D mass digitization, annotation and storage. What is planned is the development of a scanning technology, which digitizes large amounts of three-dimensional objects both time and cost efficiently in 3D due to an automated process. At the same time, an object representation true to the original in the best possible quality is aspired to by acquiring not only the geometry and texture but also the optical material properties in order to make the objects available for 3D printing processes as well.

The project CultLab3D faces the increasing demand for 3D mass digitization in the cultural heritage domain by developing comprehensive and economic solutions to approach the challenges of fast 3D digitization.

Furthermore, the project also aims at answering issues centering on the topic 3D like:

  • the long-time data archiving of virtual 3D models on a large scale,
  • the development of future-proof 3D formats,
  • the generally accepted juridical definition of rights to 3D models,
  • and strategies to certify the origin of virtual artifacts.

Currently, CultLab3D is in its development phase and modules are meant to be ready for the market by the end of 2015. User tests took place in various museums in 2014, in which objects of different sizes and materials were successfully digitized in 3D in real museum settings. The effort has shown that a fast, high quality and fully-automated acquisition can be translated into action under such realistic conditions in museums.

The partners mainly involved are:
Fraunhofer Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD (coordinator)
Polymetric GmbH
Bionic Robotics GmbH

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Biodiversitaetswand-web, Foto: Dittmann/MfN., Museum für Naturkunde Berlin IMG_8532, © Dr. Heinrich Mallison, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin Vatican_Museum,_Rome, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia IMG_3578, © Fraunhofer IGD