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Name of object: Replica of an Ajax bust
Artist/Maker: Unknown
Materials and techniques: Plaster and wood
Date: 21st century
Dimensions (width X height X depth): 17 cm X 38 cm X 25 cm
Location: Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt
Copyright: Fraunhofer IGD
Acquisition technique: Image-based 3D reconstruction (photogrammetric approach)
Camera: Canon 1200D | Lens: Canon EF 40 mm
Instrument settings: Aperture: f/20 | Exposure: 1/10 | Sensitivity: ISO-200
Light sources: 2x softbox
Software choices and settings: Agisoft Photoscan, High quality
Color management: White balance, color correction
Model resolution: 4M (polygon count)
Texture (depth, size): 8192 x 8192 pixels; 8 bit
Format:  Wavefront OBJ (associated material – JPG)
Reduced model (web representation): 100k + normal maps // 5k + normal maps (GLB container)
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