Short Description
The image-based 3D scanner CultArc3D captures geometry, texture and material properties in high resolution. It consists of two aluminum arcs equipped with cameras and ring lights. This allows for the digitization of the object from all sides, and for all possible combinations of camera perspectives and light directions. The bottom side is acquired as well through a transparent carrier disk. Capture time is approximately three minutes per object for acquisition of geometry and texture.


CultArc3D captures objects with a length, width and height from a minimum of 10 cm up to a maximum of 60 cm. Objects weighing up to 50 kg as well as very long objects can be scanned as long as their height and width do not exceed 60 cm.



  • Short scan duration of three minutes
  • Fully automated scanning process
  • 3D acquisition from all sides of the object (incl. bottom side)
  • Color calibrated
  • Combination with fully automated digitization pipeline CultLab3D (Fraunhofer IGD) possible


Technical Properties
Geometry, texture and optical material properties


18 color cameras 10 MP (9 movable, 9 static from below)
10 ring daylight sources (1 split, illumination for below)


Measurement Volume
60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm [length x width x height]


Up to 200 µm


CultArc3D in the lab at Fraunhofer IGD © Fraunhofer IGD

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