Technical Properties

Precise geometry detection and color-faithful textures

Camera options (image sensors):
-Full frame medium format sensor – PhaseOne iXG 100 MP
-Full frame (35 mm) format sensor – Canon EOS 5DS R 50 MP
Lighting environment:
-Diffuse D50 lighting (ring light or closed lighting cylinder)
Robot arm:
-Universal Robot UR10
Turntable Options:
-Custom Turntable with 33 cm diameter (adaptable)
-PhotoRobot Case 850

Measuring volume
-30 cm x 30 cm x 50 cm [length x width x height] (adaptable)

-Down to 10 µm

Special Features

Special features

-Fast and fully automatic geometry and texture acquisition

-Autonomous scanning within 10-30 minutes

-Automated processing sequence

-No post-processing required on 90% of objects

-Color calibrated results with resolution 10 µm (0.01 mm)

-Easy mobility and quick setup through self-calibration



CultArm3D is suitable for level digitization in cultural heritage, forensic science and industry applications. It can be used for objects up to 50 cm in height and 30 cm in diameter and adapts automatically to their individual dimensions.

Available Technologies

CultArm3D autonomously generates color-faithful 3D models in reproducible high quality

Pedro Santos – Head of CHD

The CultArm3D is a color-faithful, autonomous scanner that captures the geometry and texture of arbitrary objects. It stands apart with its high-resolution results and independent view planning from conventional scanners.

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Intelligent algorithms use a first scan to determine which further poses make sense, allowing capture of an object with the optimal number of scans. This approach enables the system to measure objects quickly and autonomously – without having to be taught before using predefined trajectories or provided the CAD model. This allows digitization of any object in 3D.




CultLab3D is specialized in automating the process of 3D digitization of cultural heritage artifacts. We offer detailed, color-faithful and affordable technologies for cultural institutions such as museums or auction houses. Our scanning technologies are easy to handle and make 3D digitization possible even on a large scale. They allow for large amounts of objects to be digitized efficiently in 3D while reaching micrometer precision.


Autonomous CultArm3D-Laser Scanner © 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD



CultLab3D offers automated technologies for 3D digitization in great accuracy. A special feature of our systems is that components can be scanned autonomously and in real time. The measuring is performed without teaching, irrespective of the component’s design. Besides, our systems are modular to allow a flexible combination of scanning technologies according to the respective scenario. We develop individual solutions to meet specific needs.



Mobility & Modularity

Acquisition of geometry, texture, and optical material behavior

Acquisition of complex materials

Mobility & Modularity

Color-faithful systems

Short scan duration with high throughput and in high quality

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Matevz Domajnko

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