Short Description
The HDR-ABTF-Scanner digitizes optical material behavior of objects (e.g. textiles and leather) faster, easier and more precisely than conventional scanners. It captures texture and light-surface interaction of materials in different lighting situations using an Approximate Bidirectional Texturing Function (ABTF). Moreover, exposure bracketing per direction of incidence represents the object surface in High Dynamic Range (HDR). Users may apply the scanned material when working with programs for true-to-life 3D visualizations, e.g. as part of the design process.


The HDR-ABTF-Scanner captures optical material properties and lighting behavior of flat objects with sizes up to 15 cm x 15 cm. The 3D scanner can be adjusted to objects with a maximum height of 10 cm.



  • Material behavior of flat materials
  • Shiny and mirroring materials
  • Output for fast real-time rendering
  • Reproduction of spatially-varying light dependent material effects
  • Color calibrated
  • Support of “Unity3D game engine”


Technical PropertiesType
Optical material properties


1 color camera 25 MP
20 light sources
Turn table


Measurement Volume
15 cm x 15 cm (adjustable for objects of heights up to 10 cm)


30 µm lateral resolution


HDR-ABTF- Scanner V2 © 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD
Screw, scanned with CultArm3D © DOMiD / 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD
Light simulation, HDR-ABTF- Scanner V2 © 3D model: Fraunhofer IGD