Zeiss RealScan*

*Fully automatic 3D scan system without object actuation.
For objects up to 2.5 m in height.
Demonstrator at Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt.

Short Description
The image-based 3D scanner Zeiss RealScan captures geometry and texture in high resolution. It is a robotic solution with five degrees of freedom with the specialty that the object is entirely static during acquisition, as the entire scanning system moves around it. The great advantage is obvious:  Delicate objects, such as garments or objects consisting of thin materials, can be acquired without worrying about inconsistencies that would be introduced by a rotary, or any actuation of the object itself.

The scanning volume is very flexible due to intelligent path planning which is based on our Next-best View planning algorithm. This technology allows the scanning system to self-adjust to the object size and shape, without knowing it beforehand.

Another advantage is that the system can be equipped with any 3D sensor due to the flexibility of our Next-best View planning technology.

The technology was funded by Carl Zeiss AG.

Zeiss RealScan captures objects with a length, width and height from a minimum of 10 cm up to a maximum of 2.5 m in height and 1.5 m in diameter. The object weight is basically unlimited as the object is not actuated, but remains static in the center of the 3D scanning system.


  • Perfect for objects containing fragile or shaky parts, e.g., textiles
  • Short scan duration of five minutes
  • Fully automated scanning process
  • 3D acquisition from all sides of the object (incl. bottom side)
  • Color calibrated

Technical Properties

Geometry and texture

3D sensor undisclosed (Carl Zeiss AG)
180° diffuse area light source coverage of scanning cylinder

Measurement Volume
1.5 m x 1.5 m x 2,5 m [length x width x height]

Depending on 3D sensor used

Resulting 3D Models